Crushy in Candy World

Crushy in candy World

<b>Crushy in Candy World</b>, is a great game for kids and adults. Enjoy a very fun experience.

Enjoy four full of color and fun worlds, eat all the jelly, candy, or chocolate without allowing them to fall to the ground, this mechanic is similar to the games ant smasher and bug smasher or our other game mutant bug smasher. In Candy World you’ll have to eat as much delicious sweets as you can.

You’ll have a lot of treats to eat, the idea of the game is that kids will exercise their mental geometry and reflexes skills because to you must trace a line between Crushy and the candy to eat them, everything you get in between will be eaten, also the game is great to <b> play with your children </b> as you can also tap on the screen without interfering their gameplay, is a great app to share and to enjoy together.

Avoid the enemy foes that will try to make your candy catching task impossible. Enemies make the game fun and diverse, they can be falling or hard objects that you can’t eat as they’re not candy, just don’t catch them either.

Rank up in the <b>online rankings</b> and compete against your friends using Google Play Game Services. We’ve integrated the services to provide you with a great experience, you’ll be able to see the rankings and challenge the entire world!.

<b>Dress Crushy with thousands of clothes combinations</b>, dress, outfits, glasses, hairs, hats, moustaches, lashes, clothes, and a lot lot more options.

Change the color of Crushy, and make it get different patterns and colors to match your preference and enjoy its fun faces!.

Crushy will love you for buying it clothes, and not taking him to the dentist. Crushy can eat as much sweets as you want without visiting the doctor… for now! maybe in the future by eating too much candy you’ll need to clean its teeths… you never know! Remember to remind your kids to brush their teeth after eating sweets with Crushy in Candy World!

We’re working to bring even more content to the game so enjoy!

– 36 fun and full of color levels.
– 4 Worlds to discover.
– Customize your Crushy with lots of clothes, hats, glasses, accesories, hair styles, or body colors.
– Compete worldwide to get the best score with the Google Play Leaderboards.
– 10 Google Play achievements.
– Translated to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

Please read and accept all the terms of services before playing the app.