Kairós – Weather System.

Kairos Weather allows yout to control weather in your game.

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One of the best Weather solutions

Kairos allows you to schedule effects and do seamless transitions between global effects.
Kairos can manage different skyboxes and day night cycle, also it can manage the different weather and ambiences with just 3 lines of script code.

You can check our demo videos and be impressed by the awesome effects you can obtain.

Kairos can be used for any type of game, 2d, 3d, top down, shooter, RPG, FPS, Moba, and any game you imagine. Just call Kairos to start a new effect, change global illumination, and adjust the skybox for you.

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  • Unity State Machine based behaviors.
  • Simple to use just 3 lines of code.
  • Reorderable lists thanks to Rotorz.
  • Clean and easy workflow. Just drop the manager and that’s it.
  • Change Skybox color / material.
  • Change light intensity and color.
  • Create any effect.
  • Demo particles: rain, fog, snow, hail, meteorites, shakura, and you’ll imagine thousand of them!.
  • Sound Support, but no sounds included yet.
  • Future updates will be included. There won’t be pay updates.