Dolphin: Water Race

We’re proud to announce that we’ve got a new game in the market. It’s name is Dolphin: Water Race and its an endless runner game that features a cute dolphin. We leave you additional details here: Please let us know your feedback commenting on the game page or adding 5* to our game!

New Website!

We’re very proud to announce our new website that looks beautiful! We’re happy to share this news with you and we hope that this new design will help us interact with our users in an easier way. Please feel free to follow us on twitter or facebook.  

Rainbirth Slots hits the 15000 Downloads Mark

Rainbirth Slots has hit the 15000 downloads mark!! YAY!! to celebrate we’ve released a massive update to the game! check it out! two new slot machines, new gambling feature, new higher bonuses and higher free coins! Download now version 1.2