Kairos Weather System gets massive update.

Hello folks,

I’ve updated Kairos Weather & Day/Night cycle system to a new version. I’ve been very busy working in other things but in between time I’ve kept working in the Kairos update.

I’ve added several nice features like a Time of day scheduler, this system will allow you to schedule weather situations for a specific time of the day. For instance if you want mornings to have a nice early day fog you can do it, or if you want to place several random mornings setups you can place them and the system will choose.


Also the game time system can be scaled to make time pass faster or slowly, so if you want for instance that 1 hour in the game is 0.1 hours in the real world you can do it just setting up a variable.

I’ve removed the animation state machine scripts too and updated the system manager prefab. Now everything is splitted in different systems that interact between them. like the Light system that changes world’s light & fog. The sky system that changes skybox textures to make seamless transitions of the textured skyboxes. and the Weather Manager that spawns partiles & effects and seamlessly stops / plays them.

I’ve Included also a simple Skybox Generator.

This easy to use tool will allow you to get a large image and generate an skybox from it, then you can use that skybox for your weather system / day night setup.

This unity package still needs more features I’m in the workings but I think that this new update improves a lot the previous package.

I hope you send me your feedback and that the new update satisfies you.

You can find this pack in the Unity3D Asset Store and here’s the link if you want to learn more:

Kairos Weather – Unity3D AssetStore Page.