Terms And Conditions

Service Terms & Conditions.

Valid from January, 2013 The terms and conditions hereby outlined constitute an agreement between yourself and Rainbirth SLU. The following Rainbirth SLU privacy terms are also accepted. You or your legal representative declare that you understand and accept these terms and conditions. You hereby confirm you are of the required age to use these services. Privacy Terms Rainbirth SLU does not save users' personal information; all data stored in their products is local data. Rainbirth SLU do not have external connections except for reasons relating to anonymous statistics. Under no circumstance is the data entered into our games and applications used by Rainbirth SLU; it only forms part of the application's local storage. General Definitions.
"Devices" refers to units, computers, or any mobile wireless device that can be used to access services provided by Rainbirth SLU.
"Services" are all those applications, games, or tools provided by Rainbirth SLU for downloading onto devices.
"User Content" is all content generated by the user when using our services, which includes unlimited texts, images, and personal or any other type of information.
"Virtual Currency" refers to any item used to purchase products within services. Virtual coins can be obtained by the user through use of the application, or they can be purchased in exchange for real money.
"Virtual objects" are all items that can be obtained or purchased within the services. Rainbirth SLU is in no way responsible for these items and will maintain them indefinitely while the service is active.


Rainbirth SLU holds all property rights over the services and their materials, including but not limited to images, texts, audio, music, ideas, and game mechanics. You acquire no type of content or property rights over our services.

User Content

User content is the responsibility of the user who generates it. Should it be deemed offensive or inappropriate for other people, Rainbirth SLU will in no way be made liable for any circumstances that arise from the generation of said content. You use our services as they are provided and under your own responsibility. Unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions, the content generated is stored locally and the user remains responsible for maintaining it that way. Includes virtual objects and coins. Rainbirth SLU in no way maintains these elements online. The user alone is responsible for saving and not deleting this data when uninstalling or deleting services from their device. Lost data can in no way be claimed from Rainbirth SLU, nor will it be reinstalled. Changes to service and licensing terms. Rainbirth SLU reserves the right to change service and licensing terms at any time and/or without prior notice. ? User conflicts. Conflicts between users will under no circumstances affect Rainbirth SLU or any of its services. All responsibility lies with the users involved. Rainbirth SLU remains excluded from any conflict arising from the use of its services by users. The resolution of these conflicts remains the responsibility of the users, who must also ensure that Rainbirth suffers no grievance as a consequence of their actions. Furthermore, said users will be responsible for defending Rainbirth SLU should there be a claim for grievance.

General Terms

As a user, you remain responsible for the maintenance of all the devices on which the service is provided. Should a conflict arise, you agree to provide Rainbirth SLU with all necessary documentation. These terms and conditions are only applicable to the person who accepts them and cannot be transferred to a third party. The terms and conditions constitute an agreement between yourself and Rainbirth SLU. It is necessary to uninstall all services from your devices should these terms not be accepted.