Brick Breaker Ultimate Masters

Brick Breaker Ultimate Masters is simply the best with the most advanced and fun levels. Play it now and break blocks and earn power ups.

** Valentine’s Day Special version! grab it now! **

You can play the block breaker, arkanoid and breackout style games but this experience will be better.

Check out our first batch of levels and enjoy a great brick breaker experience.

* No Play Limit or Free golds stuff! just finish your levels and keep going! no free lives or any other stuff.
* Nice HD graphics & animated backgrounds.
* Nice control scheme, touch left side or right side to move your bar.
* Levels full of light and animation.
* Blocks move and you can see animal shapes: dolphins, octopus.
* Also we’ve created vehicles shapes like: car, rocket, ovni.
* We’re working in a new batch of levels with new backgrounds.
* Multiple bars levels, where you control your bar in vertical and horizontal.
* A lot of gimmicks in the level design. new levels are comming.
* Full Controller Support. Play it in your Android TV with awesome HD graphics and great gamepad support. We’ve played it in our tv box with the xbox controller and it feels very nice!
* No multiplayer yet, but we’re working on a version that plays side by side of the screen. so you can play with your friends.
* Be the king of the puzzle games.

If you enjoy other brick breaking games like Breakout, Arkanoid, and you can’t stop busting breaking and tapping the ball to destroy the bricks then you must download this game.