Dolphin Race Show

Dolphin Race Show is the new aquatic game from Rainbirth that brings you all the fun and action in a game for the most active of the family.

Test your reflexes with this action, ability and speed racing game. Slide your finger up and down to swim with your dolphin at full speed. Get farther than anyone else avoiding all kind of enemy foes and obstacles.

Get faster race as you get more distance, dash forward to break obstacles and clumsy enemies or jump outside the water with your customized dolphin, get through the score hops and enjoy playing with your dolphin.

Dolphin Water Race also allows you to customize your dolphin by wearing outfits that make the game even more fun. Try combining clothes, hats, masks and all sort of colors to get an unique dolphin. You only have to win races to get coins or get our diamonds to get special clothes, colors, or dresses.

• More than 10 different obstacles.
• Compete with your friends with the newly added Global Leaderboards & Achievements from Google Play Game Services.
• Play on the sky riding the pelican, get the wings to fly free in the sky.
• Play under the sea in the cave.
• Use the turbo jetpack to destroy the clumsy blow fish.
• Brand new levels to come soon.
• Beautifully crafted pixel art and old school look.
• Multiple outfits to wear, clown, cowboy, cop, astronaut, dragon, sir, super hero and much more.
• Use power ups and boosters.
• Browse all our shop items with more than 30 colors to choose.
• Make a race show by jumping across the hops in the race.
• Multiply your coins by using boosters and power ups from the shop.