Moto Highway – Chase Racing

Compete to see who goes further in this new and addictive free game, grab coins or collect great prizes to unlock new motos to run and chase! We have created more than 20 new motorbike models for you! The motorbike racing will never be the same for you.

Enjoy the speed and challenge of motorbike racing!, the new Rainbirth game is here!

Tap the screen left or right to move accurately and dodge obstacles and set your target.

Our game will allow you to enjoy classic bikes and shocking crashes against obstacles and vehicles! Enjoy this voxel style game.


* 20 blocky bikes to choose for your runner made by hand in voxel style.
* Unlock and obtain special motorbikes with different environments.
* Run with your bikes at full speed in a great race.
* Different obstacles, vehicles and traffic to dodge.
* Get coins for free with the game gifts.
* Beat your records by getting better score.
* voxel graphics.
* Unlock mythic motorbikes, such as fire road, hells bike, police, racing, or even Santa’s sleigh.
* Special Christmas! Christmas environment with Christmas trees and bikes of Santa Claus, cars will be gifts! Unlock the special Christmas bikes in 2 models, green and red.