Multiple Target Tracking & Framing Camera

The Multiple Target Tracking Camera package allows you to track multiple elements in movement in the view and adjust the view to frame all the elements you’re tracking.
By dynamically adding or deleting objects to be tracked, your camera will adjust and adapt to them by adjusting its zoom level and viewport.



– Suitable for Fighting Games or Arena like games.
– Suitable for architectural or show demo where you must watch multiple elements from different perspectives.
– One Drag and Drop script and you get the nice framing behavior.
– One script to add to target objects and it will be tracked and framed properly.
– Super simple use.
[NEW] Orthographic view working too.
[NEW] Rotate around the game object.
– Add or remove the script component on runtime to track more or less objects!
– 3D fighting camera mode to track 2 characters and keep facing their side no mater how they move in the scenary, good for fighting games!
– Sample Scene, Player Controller, and Setup in the package.