Ultimate Horizontal Shoot’em Up Starter Pack

Ultimate Horizontal Shoot’em up Starter Pack

The asset will allow you to create a bullet hell in no time a horizontal shooter type of game giving you a head start on how to organize your project.

the pack will be in beta during june at 30% off after that it will be more expensive and have additional features I’ve worked hard the last year to create a new and revamped version of the game. With several features like the new postprocessing pipeline, using new camera movement, adding voxel ships, and creating nice effects.

I’ve created also a bullet hell definition system, where you can script bullet actions to get nice behaviors in no time, all from the editor, no need to use script files.

Improved a lot the editor features, now you can customize enemies routes in no time using animations, an easy to use set of entry, stay, and exit animations has been put into place.

I’ve been focusing this time in PC, as the mobile version is in the works, the main purpose and features are aim at the PC, but you can use the systems to produce a mobile game in no time. Althought at the moment I can’t give support to both until PC version is polished in full and I move to the mobile setup.

Main Features

– Weapon System.
– Bullet Hell system.
– Enemy Routine based on Animations.
– Pooling of bullets and enemies.
– 3D game area.
– 3D movement.
– Voxelart.
– Fire Patterns.
– Different player ship setups.
– Nice Art sample scene.

Requires: – Download or clone the git repo for the postprocess pipeline.
With this pack you’ll be able to create amazin shooter arcade games in the likes of gradius or rtype kin of game, but also bullet hell shmups like dodonpachi, With this asset template you’ll have the tools you need.