Voxel Motorbike Infinite Runner

Voxel Motorbike Infinite Runner pack is one the best inifinte runner you’ll get in the asset store. It’s crafted to deliver all the base elements you’ll need for any runner. But also it includes systems that make your life easier. we’ve implemented json based characteristics for our elements like gatcha, road batches, etc.

VIDEO | Android 
* Android sample app uses Curved World and some free fonts. 

* Unity IAP support.
* Unity Video Ads support.
* Json Based data configuration.
* Advanced Pooling system.
* Random Road / Obstacles spawning.
* 20 handcrafted Voxel Motorbikes.
* 4 different environments.
* Multiple obstacles setups.
* End level banners a la Crossy Road.
* Random based rewards (Gatcha).
* Random based coin rewards.

* Curved World support.(its mobile version suits very well.)
* Google Ads (we can spawn google ads intersticials.)