Zen Colors – Relax, White Noise, Sleep Better

Zen Colors White Noise HD relaxation app is ideal for your yoga or meditation sessions, it’s also recommended for sleep aid. We’ve placed together all the tools you need for a relaxing experience.

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We’ve packed high quality sounds and images to give you a polished and delightful relax experience



Use the color ambient light for a romantic dinner, to relax evoking a beach paradise or simply to think. The ambient light colours will emulate the theme you’ve selected. A beach, flowers, fire and a selection of nice atmospheres.

Zen Colors features

– 12 different color themes.
– 18 mixable sounds of nature.
– 2 Melodies.
– Auto Turn Off.
– Multitouch distraction colors feature.
– 10 predefined sound mixes.
– Save your own sound mixes.

Sounds Currently available in the app

– Cascade
– Jungle
– Forest birds
– Fireplace
– Melody
– Rain
– Thunder storm
– Night crickets
– Blizzard
– Summer day
– Volcano Magma
– Underwater Bubbles
– Melody 2
– Wind Chimes
– Whales
– Lake frogs
– Prairie wind sounds.